Calling All Earth-Friendly Makers

Meet Your Makers zone at Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival


April 26 (11am-7pm) and April 27 (11am-6pm) at Alameda Park in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Earth DayHosted by the Community Environmental Council since 1970, Earth Day is the most important event of the year for any company or organization wanting to showcase green products and connect with the exploding population of green consumers.

The Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival is the longest running Earth Day celebration in CaliforniaEach year, Earth Day Festival welcomes hundreds of exhibitors to Alameda Park, connecting these companies and organizations with over 35,000 eco-conscious consumers.

Meet Your Makers at Earth Day



The Meet Your Makers zone at Santa Barbara Earth Day is a highly curated zone of regionally-based makers (artists, artisans, designers, crafters) and other small creative businesses that engage insustainable, socially and environmentally responsible practices.

If your business falls within these specifications, check out the EXHIBITOR INFORMATION and EMAIL MYM for detailed registration instructions.

We look forward to meeting you!

Meet Linh and Peter Tran, The Accents Shop

Get the perfect addition to your outfit with The Accents Shop!

The Accents ShopCompany Mission: Linh is the form and discipline, Peter is the face and function, together they are Accents. The concept of Accents is based on their personal styles and meshing them together to build wearable unisex pieces that are not only classic, but innovative. We find that quality and craftsmanship often get overlooked for cheap and trendy products. We want to uphold and maintain the unique characteristics in each product with our various hand touches from start to finish, which include fabric choices, stitching and even packaging. It’s our take on the pieces of detail that subtly sets us apart. We hope with each product we share, we bring a little bit of creative flare and love to each outfit.

Product Description: Bow ties, Pocket Squares. Lapel Pin, Leather Clutches, Leather scarves, Infinity Scarves, Baby Onesies

Please tell us in detail how your product is designed and made: We design and do all production in house that way we control the quality of each and every product that is delivered to our clients.

logo_1371011646Meet Linh and Peter at Holiday Shop n’ Roll:

Dec 14/15


Meet Arian and Chris Blanco, Sweet Lady Cook

Farm-to-Jar Jam and Jellies in Santa Barbara by Sweet Lady Cook!

Sweet Lady Cook Santa BarbaraCompany Mission: Sweet Lady Cook is a husband and wife team handcrafting seasonal, small batch preserves. We are passionate about what goes into our products and don’t believe in artificial ingredients or preservatives. By partnering with local farms we are able to create preserves from the highest quality organic fruit.

Please tell us in detail how your product is designed and made and where you source your raw materials: All of our products are made by hand in small batches. We source all of our ingredients from small, organic farms in Santa Barbara County.

How would you describe your overall business practice and approach? We are passionate about what we do and put a great deal of effort into searching out the highest quality organic ingredients grown as close to our kitchen as possible.

Sweet Lady Cook Santa BarbaraMeet Arian and Chris at Holiday Shop n’ Roll:

Dec 21/22



When we set out on this venture we had no idea how amazing the reaction from the community would be! As the event has grown, we worried about the impending and possibly very real threat of rain, wind, and/or cold weather. We began looking around for “back up” plans and coincidentally found what we believe is the perfect site for this event. After much consideration, we have decided to move the event to the Exhibit Building at Earl Warren Showgrounds. This beautiful  space is the perfect home for our Holiday Mart and has a concrete floor perfect for skating! In addition, it has a beautiful courtyard and front lawn for food trucks and outdoor workshops.

We couldn’t be more excited about this new venue and hope you are too. We’ll see you on the rink!

-Valerie and Katie

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Meet Lauren Hannemann, Pacific Paleo Foods

Nutritious products made with the most simple and natural ingredients by Pacific Paleo Foods!

Pacific Paleo Foods Santa BarbaraCompany Mission: Pacific Paleo Foods is dedicated to sharing a passion for crafting healthy yet, tasty foods for others with similar diet restrictions or those with a desire to pursue healthier food options.

The ingredients in our products are simple and pure, and we take pride in placing value on the integrity of the eco-friendly production by handcrafting each recipe in small batches. Our company sources 60% of our product’s ingredients from local farms, encouraging a connection between consumers and the community and creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable product.

With the increased awareness about Pacific Paleo’s mission and rising product sales, our company hopes to place a greater emphasis on educating communities about healthy eating, especially for children.

We strive to create (health, community and environmentally) conscious products.

Product Description: 3 different flavors of Grain-Free Granola


Pacific Paleo Foods

Meet Lauren at Holiday Shop n’ Roll:

Dec 14/15 and Dec 21/22


Santa Barbara Holiday Artisan Mart, Locavore Food Court, and Outdoor Roller Rink!

We are busting at the seams with excitement over our upcoming collaborative event with Cultivate Events - bringing Santa Barbara a very special holiday experience to support and promote our local makers and food producers!!!

Winter in Santa Barbara will never be the same!

Santa Barbara Outdoor Roller Rink

On Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll have the opportunity to shop local at the Holiday Mart , show off your roller disco moves on the outdoor roller rink, learn from local artisans and chefs how to make homemade sustainable gifts, savor prepared foods from your favorite chefs, and enjoy our beautiful oceanside locale.

During the week, the outdoor roller rink will be open and ready to entertain with theme nights, roller derby, skating lessons, and a locavore food court.

Bring the entire family for outdoor holiday fun – Santa Barbara style!

What better way to shop, play and connect this holiday season?

Profits from this event benefit the SBCC Center for Sustainability and the Eco-Entrepreneurship Program.


makers of local goods and products

food producers

mobile food facilities – food trucks, carts, etc

If you are interested in leading a holiday workshop, becoming a sponsor, or just being part of this wonderful community event, please contact us at

Meet Erin Pearson, Guitar String Jewelry

Beautiful Up-cycled Jewelry by Erin Pearson Guitar String Jewelry at Meet Your Makers

Erin Pearson ThumbailCompany mission: “To create wearable artistic jewelry out of recycled guitar strings.”

Product description: “Each string is completely unique as a musician has worn down the colors and texture on the strings differently. My favorite thing about this art is the fact that someone was playing the strings long before they were created into a piece of jewelry. It’s like the musicians who played the strings breathed life into them with all those songs written, gigs played and hours practiced. In this way their music lives on in each piece. Also, physically each string looks different as a result, literally no two pieces will ever be the same. Since I’m a musician and a lover of one of a kind things, I think that’s really special.”

Please tell us in detail how your products are designed and made: “I create each piece to be special and unique. I source the materials form local guitar shops and musicians. Beads are either purchased or re-used depending on the materials require. I do solder the pieces as necessary with lead-free molten core solder.”

How would you describe your overall business practice and approach? “I want to make good art. I care about each piece and the home that it lands in. I care about the materials used and where they came from. I want the buyer to fall in love with the piece.”

Do you donate a portion of your proceeds to a cause or non-profit? If so, please tell us about it: “I do. I have done 20% to charity events to Children’s Abuse and Mediation Listening. I have donated pieces for auction to benefit the Academy of Healing Arts and the Jr League of Santa Barbara. I have also donated to JAMS locally in Santa Barbara. All of my donations fall in line with the music & arts organizations that promote creativity and art education.”

ErinPearson_Logo_WebHow does your business fit into the category of “sustainability”? “I up-cycle materials. In every decision, I try to consider both the environment and also fair trade where the topic applies.”

Appearing at Meet Your Makers: September 21

Meet Kaylin Fox, A Blonde and Her Bag

A Blonde and Her BagCompany mission: A Blonde and Her Bag’s mission is to create jewelry that enables women to feel beautiful, confident and empowered, be dressing themselves in stunning handmade jewelry every day. Our hand made one of a kind pieces fulfills a market niche that attracts a clientele that wants affordable elegance that is delicate, stylish, and one of a kind.

Product description: A Blonde and Her Bag jewelry comes from the inspiration of wanting beautiful little things. From the one of a kind handmade wire wrapped rings with Swarovski crystals to beautiful delicate drop earrings with semi-precious stones. Jewelry pieces inspired with less is more in mind, the timeless elegance of delicate pieces you can barely feel yourself wearing. Magnificent jewelry pieces that can be worn to lunch with ladies or into the evening to be romanced by a man. I wish to bring woman affordable elegance that is delicate, stylish, and one of a kind.

Please tell us in detail how your products are designed and made: All Jewelry is handmade by me. Pieces from the collection can also be made-to-order to allow customizability to ensure customer happiness. As a small product based company with an in-house designer, our systematized production enables us to quickly fulfill customer demands, while maintaining a high quality standard and upholding our exquisite customer service promise. A Blonde and Her Bag believes in supporting the local communities and bead shops, all raw products are purchased from local bead shops up and down the coast of California. Our pricing will remain very affordable, inviting customers with almost any budget to enjoy handmade customizable Jewelry.

A Blonde and Her Bag

Do you donate a portion of your proceeds to a cause or non-profit? If so, please tell us about it A Blonde and Her Bag have always held a special place in our hearts for giving back to non-profits. That is why we are excited to say we have teamed up with Santa Barbara Wine and Social Group for trunk shows and have given back a portion of the proceeds to a variety of non-profits including but not limited to Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, Art without Limits and Won Heart to name a few.

How does you business incorporate “sustainability” into your model? We are always striving to reduce plastic and waste where we can. That’s why we provide complimentary reusable pouches with every Jewelry purchase.

Appearing at Meet Your Makers: September 14, September 21

Meet Shauna Mistretta, Beads of Esiteti

Fair-trade African Beadwork from Beads of Esiteti at Meet Your Makers!

Shopping for GoodCompany mission: “Beads of Esiteti is a fair-trade social business dedicated to empowering the Maasai community of Esiteti/Embarinkoi through the selling of their traditional beadwork. Beads of Esiteti generates an income for over 275 Maasai women in Kenya, creating the means for them to care for themselves, their families and their community while creating educational opportunities for their children and future generations.

Beads of Esiteti seeks to empower the Esiteti community through creating economic initiatives and access to education and healthcare. By providing an international market for the Maasai women of this community, Beads of Esiteti strives to unleash the power of these women decreasing cases of early marriage, HIV/AIDS, and FGM, while creating greater access to education for girls throughout Maasailand.”

Product description: “Handcrafted by the Maasai women of Esiteti these traditional pieces of jewelry have been made using brightly colored Maasai “seed” beads. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind ranging in a wide variety of brightly colored bangles, cuff bracelets and tribal necklaces. With every purchase you are helping to empower a Maasai woman while helping to sustain their local Esiteti Primary School.”

Please tell us in detail how your products are designed and made: “All products are handcrafted by the Maasai women of Esiteti Kenya that I work directly with. Twice a year I travel to Kenya to work with this indigenous community helping them to develop business skills, learn about the importance of quality, implement new designs, and set up group savings programs. All the beads used in the making of the jewelry come from small local markets in Nairobi, Kenya while all the string and inner parts of the bracelets come from recycled products such as water jugs and flour bags that the women reuse to produce the jewelry with.”

How would you describe your overall business practice and approach? “Beads of Esiteti was created out of the deep desire to help empower the Maasai community of Esiteti, knowing that when women are financially empowered children and communities can be sustained. The sole reason for the creation of Beads of Esiteti is to help financially empower these women so that they may find there voice which in turn will help reduce early marriage, female genital mutilation, and HIV/AIDS. Beads of Esiteti is also committed to helping to sustain their local Esiteti Primary School which is now being sustained through bead sales due to the women giving 50% of their income earned to support their local primary school. Beads of Esiteti is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and believes that conscious consumerism can truly help alleviate global poverty and empower women globally.”

beads of esitetiTell us more about the non-profit you benefit: “Each year a portion of all of our profits are donated back to the local Esiteti community, this past year we were able to donate birthing kits for the midwives of the community, provide prenatal vitamins and vitamin A due to a generous grant given to us by Vitamin Angels and we were also able to buy several beds for the new girls dormitory while also providing the money for the women to register as a legal Kenyan cooperative.” 

Appearing at Meet Your Makers: September 14

Meet Sam Guzman, Stabiles

Hand-crafted wire structures for unique plants by Stabiles at Meet Your Makers!

GuzmanStabilesProduct description: “Stabiles are hand-crafted wire sculptures made from a single wire accentuated by a Tillandsia. They are constructed without the use of adhesives or welding. The structures embody a unique aesthetic by balancing weight and space in an organic form.”

What is a Tillandsia? “A genus of around 540 species of evergreen, perennial flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae, native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies. Moisture and nutrients are gathered from the air (dust, decaying leaves and insect matter) through structures on the leaves.”

How does your business fit into the category of “sustainability”? “My work is unique and combines a living plant, design, craft and organic shapes.”

Anything else you’d like to let us know about you, your business, or your product? “My product is 100% Santa Barbara based, it is developed and hand-crafted here. I support local commerce as much possible and look to expand my designs by working with other artists.”

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 9.48.40 PMAppearing at Meet Your Makers:

August 31, September 07, September 14